Marble Run Playsets

Imagine your child playing for hours all the while developing mental skills that will benefit them for their entire lives. Years ago our own children used to play for hours with a marble run similar to these. They knew exactly which marbles would race the fastest to the bottom of the track. Even though the set they had only had a few pieces of straight track, they came up with all kinds of imaginative layouts using books, dominoes, vegetable cans, and more to extend the tracks. Your child can do the same.

All sets include a selection of plastic tubes, tracks, connectors, and marbles. The Galt Marble Run Sets are compatible with the Marbutopia sets.

These terrific, very sturdy and expandable sets are more than just toys. They help your child to develop skills in eye-hand coordination, spacial reasoning, planning, strategy, cause and effect, and three dimensional visualization. Development of these skills is known to enhance academic abilities.

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An exciting construction set and marble racing game for up to 4 players. Build towers , slot together the track , add the equalisers, place the marbles in the start gate...twist and away they go.....
Our Price: $21.97CAD

Build the towers tall and fit as many bends and curves in as you can, for action packed marble mayhem at home or in the office.
Our Price: $28.47CAD