Training Books

Don't cheat yourself by approaching life, marriage, or parenting, without being equipped. Too often people fumble through life "winging it" and hoping they are "getting it right," only to come down to the end with less than the results they had hoped for. Resources are available to help you. If you cannot afford training tools - books, videos, seminars, DVDs - for yourself as well as curriculum for the children, invest in the tools for you first. You will be glad you did!

Sections In Training Books

Child Training / Parenting
Practical books that will encourage you as parents and give practical, biblically-based advice on how to raise children. Excellent for anyone who work...

Guiding Those Age 12+
These books will provide you with the information you need for guiding young people through high school into college and beyond.

These books will help you be successful in homeschooling and answer any questions you may have.

Learning Challenges
Books to help those dealing with autism, dyslexia, and gifted children

Learning Styles, Personality Types, And Gifts
These books will help you understand and relate to your children and to those around you. They contain many tips and helpful suggestions to aid you w...

Life Skills and Character Training
Books on manners, life skills, and character building. Includes instructional books and books written for children.

A strong marriage is essential for raising godly children. It is also a far greater testimony to those around you than a weak marriage is.

Organizational Helps
Practical books and tools that will help you get your life and family organized.

Success Training
You have dreams and goals for both yourself and your children. It requires more than just academics to be successful in life. These books will provi...