Spiritual and Character Development

These Bible studies, devotionals, and children's Bible story books will help both you and your children to grow closer to God.

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Bible Time Books
These beautiful little paperback books are recommended as supplemental reading materials. They are in full-colour on quality glossy stock with beautif...

Bible Wise Books
These beautiful little paperback books are recommended as supplemental reading materials. They are in full-colour on quality glossy stock with beautif...

Hymn Stories
These beautiful, hardcover, illustrated books each come with a fully orchestrated CD containing 12 different hymns. Books range from 91 to 135 pages....

Spiritual Insights for Children
Each of the books in this section are of exceptional quality in binding, paper, and artwork. The lessons taught are clearly written and young and old ...

Building on the Rock
Joel Beeke and Diana Kleyn have taken a selection of real life incidents and fictional narratives and developed them into a series of devotional boo...

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Written for young people who want to learn about God and get to know Him for themselves, every chapter deals with a basic Christian belief and tackles some of the most searching questions. (paperback)
Our Price: $10.47CAD

In-depth series of almost 200 questions, suggested Bible study topics, and other projects to aid a woman in reaching the mature godly womanhood to which God has called her. For personal or group use.
Our Price: $22.47CAD

This devotional book is designed to help elementary and junior young people love and live for Christ now, and to develop qualities of character that will help them shine for Him. (Paperback, 272 pages)
Our Price: $15.67CAD

A series of 25 questions to help parents examine themselves in the light of God's Word. (spiral bound)
Our Price: $6.97CAD

A Practical Application of the Fifth Commandment for Young People - This book of evaluation questions and Scripture explores the meaning and practical application of the Fifth Commandment, "Honour thy father and thy mother." (Ex. 20:12). (134 Pages
Our Price: $22.47CAD

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This is a one-year devotional book based on Proverbs. Proverbs is a wonderful part of the bible that has loads of wisdom and handy tips for life sur...
Our Price: $15.67CAD

Hidden Treasures contains 90 illustrated proverbs for you to identify. Read through each chapter of Proverbs with your family and find them! (Spiral bound)
Our Price: $27.47CAD

This is a right from wrong devotionsal that helps young people apply the Scriptures in daily decision making.
Our Price: $15.67CAD

A big workbook chocked full of short-answer questions, example stories, fun quizzes, application questions, and colouring pages teaching the character types in Proverbs.
Our Price: $15.67CAD

Teaches the following character types: Virtuous Woman vs. Contentious Woman; Talebearer; Proud vs. Humble; Fearful vs. Trusting; Content vs. Covetous; Cruel vs. Merciful; Flatterer vs. Honest.
Our Price: $15.67CAD

Kids will enjoy studying the Beatitudes with the fun and interesting activities found in this book. And they'll begin to really understand what Jesus' words mean for them today. (48 pages, reproducible, gr. 4 to 6.)
Our Price: $6.97CAD

Puzzles, games, crafts, and other activities give children opportunities to study God’s commandments in fun and interesting ways while emphasizing their relevance for the Christian’s everyday life. (48 pages, reproducible, grades 4 to 6.)
Our Price: $6.97CAD