Master Innovations (manipulatives)

For many years a teacher was not happy that the lines on the ruler confused her students. She believed in prayer. She asked the LORD to show her a tool that would help her teach the children. One night she had a dream in which she saw herself teaching the children with the help of "The Master Ruler." The LORD had answered her prayer. "The Master Ruler" and other unique multi-layered math aids are now available to everyone.

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Three separate, differently coloured, and tab identified layers, each measuring a different part.
Our Price: $10.97CAD

Five separate, differently coloured, and tab identified layers each measuring a different fraction of an inch.
Our Price: $10.97CAD

This reproducible book contains projects and exercises in a variety of mathematical skills using the Metric and Standard rulers. Additional project suggestions are given.
Our Price: $17.27CAD

Easily teach measurement skills, fractions, scale drawing, etc. using “The Master Ruler”! Each ruler has clear, hard plastic overlays with colour-coordinated lines and tabs. Includes a Standard Ruler, Metric Ruler, and workbook.
Our Price: $35.27CAD

A unique tool for demonstrating and teaching the concepts of rays, vertex, radius, arcs, degrees, types of angles, and much more.
Our Price: $4.97CAD