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Little slivers of tooth soap.
Our Price: $24.97CAD

By understanding your child’s basic learning style and intelligence gifts, you can craft and tailor a learning environment to specially suit your child’s needs. A must read! (paperback, 169 pages)
Our Price: $13.57CAD

a Tangle is a series of 18 sections of 90-degree curves, connected and able to pivot at each joint, making a coil of approx. 1½" , or expanding to much larger configurations. It has no beginning and no end – just continuous motion.
Our Price: $4.97CAD

Brightly coloured, 7-piece plastic geometric puzzles.
Our Price: $1.47CAD

The Tantrix Discovery Game Pack is bursting with challenging solitaire puzzles and strategy games for 2-4 players.
Our Price: $21.97CAD

This addictive game of strategy from New Zealand improves spacial and thinking skills. It is a good introduction to Tantrix. Comes with a chrome stand for setting it on your coffee table to entertain guests. Solitaire play for ages 6+.
Our Price: $5.97CAD

Many parents feel ill-equipped to teach their children the Bible, so they neglect this vital aspect and forfeit many of the greatest blessings of parenthood. This book holds a wealth of practical, biblical advice to fulfill the mandate of Deut. 6:6-7
Our Price: $14.97CAD

Use this 0-20 number line in addition to the 0-10 Number Line (animals) from the Math Flashcards set. (Laminated)
Our Price: $2.17CAD

Here's a story that will warm your heart, make you laugh, and above all, will help children to understand the spiritual battle that rages in their souls. (paperback, 128 pages)
Our Price: $6.87CAD

This laminated chart, printed on both sides, is an extension of the wonderful teaching technique for the "1-10 Animal Addition Families Charts."
Our Price: $4.87CAD

God turned the lives of these ten individuals arround and the world became a better place for it.
Our Price: $8.47CAD

Living as a Christian for these boys was difficult but they chose to do the right thing instead of the easy thing.
Our Price: $8.47CAD