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This set includes: 3 Key Elements for Successful Parenting, How to Bless Your Children and Others, How to Parent as a Team; How to Train Children to Refuse Evil and Choose Good.
Our Price: $19.57CAD

This book teaches us principles of right living. The animals around Wildwood Pond are more timid, but help us learn to be open and caring, and show good manners, no matter where we live. (Paperback, 182 pages)
Our Price: $749700.00CAD

Paddy's kindness wins over scolding Sammy Jay, and they work to outsmart Old Man Coyote.
Our Price: $3.17CAD

This set includes: How to Help Rebellious Adopted or Stepchildren and Consider the End.
Our Price: $10.97CAD

This book is chock full of practical parenting advice. (Paperback, 164 pages)
Our Price: $14.67CAD

Child-rearing is a matter of accepting a God-given calling and pursuing it by His principles. It is a heart-to-heart relationship in which children are not just trained, but discipled.
Our Price: $6.97CAD

This Set includes: How to Keep Children from Getting Bitter, How to Train Up a Child...; How to Name Your Baby; How to Protect Your Child.
Our Price: $19.57CAD

Parenting Set 2 includes six titles including: Bible Pictures of Godly Children, God's Weightiest Commands to Parents, What the Bible has to Says about Spanking, Four Gifts Every Parent Should Give His Child, and two others.
Our Price: $29.47CAD

Use this set of 250 plastic blocks, in six shapes and colours, to explore patterns, symmetry, linear and area measurement, fractions, and problem solving. (0.25 cm thick) Used with many critical thinking programs.
Our Price: $15.87CAD

24 true life stories of great people in history who contributed to our society in various ways during their lives, giving an example for us today. Contains 12 CDs and is approximately 12 hours in length.
Our Price: $47.27CAD

Paula's loving obedience, her friendliness and charm, her love for everyone, win the hearts of all. (Paperback, 99 pages)
Our Price: $7.47CAD

From the Apostles to Benedict you can discover how the early church still influences today.
Our Price: $10.47CAD