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This Set Contains: How a Wife can use Reverence to Build or Save Her Marriage 7-Fold Power of a Wife's Submission Attitude No Lady Should Have How...
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60 piece desk size, comes with a storage tray. Also called an Attribute Blocks Desk Set. Used with many critical thinking programs.
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This dual-sided 12 x 9 inch magnet playboard allows children to take their magnet sets along for the ride. The laminated playboard comes with heavy- duty re-usable storage pouch.
Our Price: $4.47CAD

Create underwater scenes with sticker illustrations of tropical fish, leafy plants, rock formations, a scuba diver, other ornaments.
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Recreate a familiar biblical story with the help of an ark (shown on the inside covers) and charming sticker illustrations of Noah and his famous menagerie.
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Covers the elementary level of Anatomy, Nutrition, Safety and First Aid, Mental Health
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Special Offer
The story of the twentieth century is arranged chronologically in this book with one page of black and white maps and a corresponding page of history ...
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The story covers Martyn's conversion, his calling to be a preacher and then his ministry in Wales and London.
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Real life story of Mary Jones, a young girl living in rural Wales in the late 1700s. She longed to have a Bible of her own. Her determination to get a copy of His Word inspires the setting up of the 'British and Foreign Bible Society'. (paperback)
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Calibar (in Africa) today still remembers Mary Slessor, affectionately known as "Ma." Her influence on that area of Africa was astounding.
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