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This laminated visual aid helps to teach children how to read blends plus one and two-syllable words.
Our Price: $5.37CAD

When the Smiling Pool and Laughing Brook dry up one day, Jerry sets out to find the cause.
Our Price: $3.18CAD

Jimmy Skunk repays Peter Rabbit for a practical joke and he and Unc' Billy Possum go hunting for eggs in Farmer Brown's hen-house.
Our Price: $3.17CAD

As he runs for his life he is thinking of rescue… a rescue for the thousands of South Sea Islanders who don't know about Jesus Christ and the love of God.
Our Price: $8.47CAD

John Newton was one of the worst abusers of the African slave – but in the end his life was changed and so was theirs.
Our Price: $9.47CAD

Spring has arrived and Johnny Chuck goes wandering, gets in a fight, and sets up housekeeping with Polly Chuck.
Our Price: $3.17CAD

Healing may have been an amazing miracle that didn't happen, but Joni's work with thousands of disabled people throughout the world is a miracle in itself.
Our Price: $9.47CAD

This is a right from wrong devotionsal that helps young people apply the Scriptures in daily decision making.
Our Price: $15.67CAD

Program includes the following materials: three workbooks, Curriculum Guide, Teaching Guide on 2 CDs, Joy•Notes Patterns.
Our Price: $149.97CAD

Includes Primer, Book 1, and Book 2 workbooks
Our Price: $59.97CAD

4-year-old Mary Ann wants to go to school but learns to be content helping Mother at home.
Our Price: $3.37CAD