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Learn how you can put Scripture on your "doorposts" (the physical structure of your home), your "phylacteries" (wearing apparel), and remind your children of the truth of God during the four natural learning times.
Our Price: $6.97CAD

Cheryl and Susan learn the meaning of "Many hands make light work."
Our Price: $3.37CAD

Happy Jack Squirrel starts the day cheerily enough but soon finds himself trying every trick he knows to get away from nasty Shadow the Weasel.
Our Price: $3.17CAD

Join Kevin, David, and Rose for a poetic trip through their seasonal activities.
Our Price: $3.37CAD

What does the Bible say about Headcoverings? An intensive Biblical study of I Cor. 11 relating to Hair and Headcoverings.
Our Price: $6.97CAD

This workbook covers: safety habits, habits for happiness, healthful eating habits, everyday habits (hygiene, neatness etc.), good manners.
Our Price: $6.67CAD

Lots of practical help and encouragement in these pages, even if you do not feel harried! This book offers sound advice for parents who want to achieve homeschooling success while finding balance in their lives. (Paperback, 288 pages)
Our Price: $20.97CAD

Poetry about the things a child can do for Mother.
Our Price: $3.37CAD

There are two pages for each letter of the alphabet. Almost every other page is a cut-and-paste exercise. There is no teacher's manual available.
Our Price: $3.47CAD

Each of the oils used is a health promoting tonic. All are empowered with many benefits including energy and immune supporting, antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.
Our Price: $24.97CAD

Learn to control the severity and frequency of medical conditions unique to women and, in some instances, rid yourself of them entirely. Replace conventional treatments that only mask problems.
Our Price: $19.97CAD

An important part of parenthood is giving our children a legacy of heroes to inspire and challenge them.
Our Price: $6.97CAD