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This book takes you into the life of C. S. Lewis, the child, the scholar, the husband, the writer and the believer in God.
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Written for children, but enjoyed equally by adults, these 180 captivating stories are conservative, with Bible-based values. With settings in the homes and schools of Old Order Mennonites or Amish. (hardcover)
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This workshop discusses the routes taken by several prominent Americans who reached the pinnacle of their chosen fields without attending college.
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Certificates are a great way to recognize the hard work your child has done. This brightly coloured certificate will give your child a visual reminde...
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A book with the message from Changing the Heart of a Rebel by Dr. S. M. Davis and all the graphics used in the video.
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No, rebellion is not normal. Yes, there is a Biblical solution to the problem of teenage rebellion! For Parents: 15 proven steps to turn around rebellious teens and how to get and keep your child's heart.
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Save money by purchasing all seven titles at once. Set Includes: The King's Daughter; Tiger and Tom; The Man that Rum Made; Adopting an Orphan; In the Twilight; Tom's Revenge; and Come Home Mother.
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This set includes: How to Develop Character in Your Children, How to Pass on Your Convictions to Your Children, Integrity - The Parent of Character, What Character Is and Does.
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Bushy-tailed mischief-maker learns that curiosity, carelessness and mistrust can lead to a heap of troubles.
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A series of 25 questions to help parents examine themselves in the light of God's Word. (spiral bound)
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