Professor B Mathematics

Unleash the awesome power of your children's "fearfully and wonderfully made" mental computers

So, You Want To...
• rescue your children from fear and failure in mathematics?

• provide explanations which actually make sense?

• eliminate excessive memorization and rote learning?

• show them how to use their minds to learn concepts and skills?

• understand how to activate the same competence for the learning of stories and one's native language, in order that they will learn mathematics just as effectively?

• use an internationally recognized mathematics method?

• stimulate and activate your children's natural capacities for mastery of mathematics?

You Need The
Professor B Mathematics Program

Why have your child take eight years to complete kindergarten to 7th grade math when they need only THREE or FOUR years?

Well documented studies around the world have proven the effectiveness of Professor B Mathematics. It condenses the arithmetical content traditionally spread over seven to eight years of expensive textbook and workbook materials into three levels.

Cost Effective and now available in two different formats:
1. Mathematics Power Learning for Children
Utilizes three teacher manuals, three workbooks, and a charts book.

2. Instant Master Teacher
Utilizes three CDs and three workbooks.

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Sections In Professor B Mathematics

Professor B Power Mathematics (Textbook Edition)
Professor B Mathematics: • uses many "mental gymnastics" games and fingers as comprehensive manipulatives • stimulates and activates chi...