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Never Too Early addresses the need to be in line with God’s view as a foundation for rearing godly children who love to learn. Her fresh approach toward Biblical early education will warm and challenge you! (paperback)
Our Price: $13.97CAD

(First reader) This beginning reader provides the practice on initial consonant blends, short vowel one syllable words, phrases, and a few sentences.
Our Price: $2.77CAD

Second reader - The content of The Fall: GOD LOVES ME coordinates with Phonics Lessons for Flashcards 32-66. This reader is adapted from its parent bo...
Our Price: $2.77CAD

(Third reader) This beginning reader provides practice on two-syllable root words; compound words; suffixes s, es, ed, ing; vowel digraphs; modified vowels; diphthongs; sentences and short paragraphs.
Our Price: $2.77CAD

This set of colourful Aa - Zz cards (7X9) contains spiritual rhymes based upon the principle used in The New England Primer.
Our Price: $12.97CAD

Use this delightfully illustrated song to practice the short vowel sounds.
Our Price: $4.27CAD

These laminated small vowel houses are used with the Vowel Lane Spelling
Our Price: $4.27CAD

Fourteen 8½ X 11 charts providing drill practice on short/long vowels; modified vowels/ diphthongs; "One and Two Vowel Rule Breakers"; short vowels blended with a single, double, or triple consonant at the beginning; and more. (Laminated)
Our Price: $31.27CAD

This laminated visual aid helps to teach children how to read blends plus one and two-syllable words.
Our Price: $5.37CAD

This laminated visual aid is used to teach visual discrimination of letters, blends, and words.
Our Price: $5.37CAD

Use this 0-20 number line in addition to the 0-10 Number Line (animals) from the Math Flashcards set. (Laminated)
Our Price: $2.17CAD

This laminated chart, printed on both sides, is an extension of the wonderful teaching technique for the "1-10 Animal Addition Families Charts."
Our Price: $4.87CAD