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Alphabet Related Resources
These excellent resources will help you in teaching the letters of the alphabet as well as phonics. For use with any curriculum.

Climbing to Good English
Comprehensive Grammar and Writing Skills Curriculum for Grades 1-8 To purchase individual items, please scroll to the bottom of the page. "...

Graded Language Arts Kits
What if there was an English curriculum that: •contained Christian values •was economical •was designed for all student ability levels•re...

Pathway Readers and Comprehension Workbooks
• Available for preschool through eighth grade • A standard in Christian education for many years for home educators and Christian school...

Pathway/Climbing to Good English Quick Order List by Grade
Know what books you are looking for? Click here to order individual books and kits by grade level.

Printing Resources
Workbooks and pencil grips to aid you in teaching or improving your child's printing skills.

Reading Detective
Reading Detective improves reading comprehension skills with 44 to 50 reproducible, high interest activities per book. Includes reading for generaliza...

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Reading program for dyslexic and reading lag children.
Our Price: $189.97CAD

For students growing up in families where English is not the first language, it presents an informal and user-friendly course in all elements of American English grammar usage.
Our Price: $12.47CAD

Reading and writing poetry as a class assignment can be a rewarding experience - especially when it is approached in a spirit of fun. This book explains how poets use words imaginatively in rhymed and metered verse as well as free verse.
Our Price: $12.47CAD

Reluctant readers learn to read with ease and to comprehend what you are reading -- painlessley. Most important, you will discover how to transform a once painful task into a pleasurable experience.
Our Price: $12.47CAD

Learn how to speak effectively anywhere and in front of anyne and enjoy yourself while learning!
Our Price: $12.47CAD

Here's the book that makes learning correct spelling entirely painless. It covers everything you need. Just as important, you will discover that you had fun learning!
Our Price: $12.47CAD

If you think that developing a large vocabulary means dreary and painful memorizing of hundreds of words, this book has good news for for. Think again! Enjoy yourself while you learn.
Our Price: $12.47CAD

This entertaining book advises students on ways to enliven their essay assignments with vivid images, avoid the dull passive voice, and construct smooth, well-crafted sentences that flow together to create unified themes.
Our Price: $12.47CAD

Word lists (100 words per page) are categorized by phonetic sounds. Includes the 1,000 words used in 90% of all reading materials and 89 phonics rules and their exceptions. Daily practice increases reading speed and spelling skills.
Our Price: $24.97CAD