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Life of Fred Math
• So, you think math is boring and there is nothing much anyone can do to make it "un-boring"? • You think the average person can't rea...

Master Innovations (manipulatives)
For many years a teacher was not happy that the lines on the ruler confused her students. She believed in prayer. She asked the LORD to show her a t...

Mathematical Reasoning
The Mathematical Reasoning and Mind Building math are excellent on their own or along with Christ-Centered Curriculum Math or Professor B Mathematic...

Professor B Mathematics
Unleash the awesome power of your children's "fearfully and wonderfully made" mental computers So, You Want To... • rescue your children f...

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Learn terms and potential pitfalls in algebraic calculations and use problem solving fun activities with a painless approach to understanding and graphing linear equations.
Our Price: $12.47CAD

Discover the relationships that exist between parallel and perpendicular lines and analysing the characteristics of distinct shapes such as circles, quadrilaterals, and triangles.
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Discover interesting ways to see patterns in math word problems. Find soultions using decimals and fractions, compare rates, and wor with proportions and percents.
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