Maca Power

MACA POWER™ - The Inca Superfood

100% Certified Organic and no “fillers”

Maca, a Superfood, contains a rich supply of amino acids, complex carbohydrates (the "good carbs"), vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc.

What can Maca Power™ do for you?
• promotes hormonal balance
• alleviates symptoms of PMS, peri-menopause and menopause, chronic fatigue, depression and stress
• nourishes the glandular system
• increases energy and mental clarity - It really works! I (Maxine) put in long hours and Maca helps.
• improves physical and emotional well-being
• sexual enhancement and increased fertility

The gelatinized is more concentrated and has a slightly stronger taste. Neither type is bitter.

The suggested serving is about 1 tsp. per day. You can take maca root powder in water, or juice, or any liquid, or in smoothies, protein shakes, or in food such as cereals or porridge, or in your cooking and baking. For pets: neutered/spayed pets often have hormonal imbalances. Maca balances them. Our older dog had become incontinent, which is apparently common for spayed females. After a few weeks on Maca and cooked cabbage, the problem was gone!

You might find maca powder at a lower price. Be aware that ours is organic, with absolutely no fillers or additives, and is harvested in the nutrient rich Peruvian mountains under fair farming practices. MacaPower is a high quality product you can trust!