Mind Hacks

Mind Hacks
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This fascinating book would make a great study at the high school or college level, or just for fun. The experiments can be explained to and used with younger children. The brain is a fearsomely complex information- processing environment – one that often eludes our ability to understand it. At any given time, the brain is collecting, filtering, and analyzing information and, in response, performing countless intricate processes, some of which are automatic, some voluntary, some conscious, and some unconscious. Mind Hacks is a collection of probes into the moment-bymoment workings of the brain. Using cognitive neuroscience, these experiments, tricks, and tips related to
vision, motor skills, attention, cognition, subliminal perception, and more throw light on how the human brain works. Each "hack" examines specific operations of the brain. By seeing how the brain responds, we pick up clues about the architecture and design of the brain, learning a little bit more about how the brain is put together.

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