Phonics Drill Reader

Phonics Drill Reader
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This book is recommended for spelling, speed reading practice, and as a remedial reader. Children will learn the scriptural account (KJV) of Creation, the Fall, the Flood, the Law, and Grace. Daily practice increases reading speed dramatically.

Included in this book:
• Word lists (100 words per page) are categorized by phonetic sounds.
• 1,000 words used in 90% of all reading materials.

Word Lists cover:
• initial consonant blends
• short/long vowel words
• consonant digraphs
• consonant blends
• suffixes (-es, -ed, -ing)
• vowel digraphs
• modified vowels
• diphthongs
• consonant and vowel variants
• silent letters
• words with prefixes/suffixes.

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Doreen Claggett

Christ Centered Publications

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Scripture Version Used:
King James Version (KJV)

Ages 5 through adult

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