Dryer Balls (set of 2)

Dryer Balls (set of 2)
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Want to save LOTS of money and time in the laundry room? Want to be environmentally conscientious and eliminate harmful chemicals from your laundry room, your clothing, and your home?

Then you need the revolutionary DRYER BALLS

The “Dryer Ball” is the only product needed for your garments in the clothes dryer.

• By separating your clothes evenly your dryer uses less energy* (reducing dryer time by at least 25%)
• reduces wrinkles
• reduces static cling (no more dryer sheets)
• loosens and removes lint
• softens fabrics naturally (no more fabric softener)
• non-toxic, 100% safe
• quiet in the dryer
• contain no harmful chemicals
• no added perfumes
• they’re economical

*LESS ENERGY: Did you know that the common household dryer is second to your refrigerator for using the most electricity in your home?

The Dryer Ball is covered with little moulded, rounded spikes. The spikes cannot come off, nor does the ball discolour any fabrics or leave any kind of stain or residue on the clothing, even after years of use.

As the dryer heats, the heat builds up inside the ball. The warmed ball then helps to dry the clothing even faster as it lifts and separates each item in the dryer!

Guaranteed to last two years and people have been using them for four or more years!

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