Evolution: Fact or Fairy Tale?

Evolution: Fact or Fairy Tale?
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I SUBMIT TO YOU THAT EVOLUTION IS A FAIRY TALE THAT'S BEING PASSED OFF AS SCIENCE. When a fairy godmother touches a frog with her magic wand and turns it into a handsome prince, everyone knows that's a fairy tale. But when TIME touches a frog and turns it into a prince, that's supposed to be science!" Thus begins Dr. Ralph Stewart's brilliant expose of the fairy tale of evolution. On this video you will learn the answers to these and other questions: Is it possible to believe the Bible AND Evolution? What about the fossil record? What about the science of probability? What scientific "proofs" point to evolution and what "proofs" point to creation? What about the dinosaurs? Did ape men exist? How old is the earth? Few men are as well qualified to speak on this subject as is Dr. Ralph Stewart. With a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois; a Master of Science degree from the University of New Mexico; a Doctorate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology; a Master of Divinity from Maranatha Bible College; 15 years service at Sandia National Laboratories in nuclear weapons development; and years of teaching Math, Engineering, and ible, Dr. Stewart speaks with understanding and authority on this vital area. (66 minutes)

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