How a Wife Can Use Reverence to Build or Save Her Marriage

How a Wife Can Use Reverence to Build or Save Her Marriage
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Without a doubt, a wife's most important responsibility in relation to her husband is to reverence him. Submission is a wife's position. Reverence is her practice or activity. Reverence is the command that balances and gives meaning to submission. It is also the thing that makes a wife a success as a wife. The need of a wife, given by her Creator, is for the security of her husband's love. The need of a husband, given by His Creator, is for his wife's reverence. Reverence motivates a husband, moves him, builds him, lifts him, challenges him, empowers him, and encourages him! This message, enhanced with over 170 on screen graphics, explains what reverence is and also tells what it is not. It also tells a dramatic story of how a wife used the power of reverence to save her marriage and win her husband to Christ.

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Dr. S.M. Davis

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