12 Reasons for the Permanence of Marriage

12 Reasons for the Permanence of Marriage
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There are few issues any more important to the home, as well as human life in general, than the issue of marriage itself. What is marriage? How is a marriage established? How “permanent” is marriage? What are “grounds” for divorce? If someone has divorced and remarried are they truly married? How bad is divorce? What should people do who see a loved one or friend in a “bad marriage?” Should those who believe that divorce is permissible defend their position? Dr. Davis answers these and many other questions in this 59-minute video, enhanced with over 150 graphics including pictures of Dr. Davis' 1969 wedding. This also includes the delightful story (with pictures!) of an 85 year old couple who had divorced twice and were remarried after meeting again in a nursing home! Every church and family in America would do well to hear the truths in this message. (59 minutes)

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Dr. S.M. Davis

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59 Minutes

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