Why Satan Wants the 1st Born

Why Satan Wants the 1st Born
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A quick perusal of the Scriptures will demonstrate clearly and powerfully that God wanted all the 1st things- the 1st born sheep, donkey, or ox; the 1st of the crops, fruits, and juices; the 1st of any money; the 1st day of the week; the 1st year of marriage; and the 1st born child or son. It is also clear that SATAN WANTS WHAT GOD WANTS. Those who understand the Bible and history understand that this especially applies to the 1st born child or son. Do you know why Pastors and Christian leaders have three times as much difficulty training their 1st borns? Do you know the consequences of not giving God the 1st things? Do you know the blessings 1st borns may expect who give their lives to God? Entire families should watch this video, but especially parents and their 1st born children.

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Dr. S. M. Davis

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56 Minutes

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