Davis Anger Set

Davis Anger Set
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This set includes the following titles:

  1. Anger the Destroyer
  2. Freedom from the Spirit of Anger
  3. How to Help a Man with His Anger
  4. What Impatience Does
  5. What the Bible Says About Scorn and Mockery

Anger the Destroyer
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus pointed out that anger leads to murder. Probably the #1 thing that is killing spiritually the children in Bible believing homes and churches is the anger of one or both of the parents. Anger also destroys the oneness between a husband and wife. Many parents think their wrath is justified by their children's disobedience and rebellion. It is more likely that the rebellion is caused by the anger and escalates it. Your anger isn't caused by what is outside you; it is caused by what is happening inside you. Anger usually comes from either pride or tension from unresolved guilt. God describes anger as:(1) A city without walls(2) An unbearable load(3) A flood(4) A poisonous snakeand (5) A fire-breathing dragon.This message contains seven key thoughts to stop "Anger the Destroyer."

Freedom from the Spirit of Anger
The Bible uses the phrase "spirit of" 139 times. There are both personal and impersonal spirits that affect our spirits. The "fullness of the Holy Spirit" is God so controlling your spirit that no wrong spirit is able to do so. It is vital then that we "believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God." One of the most dangerous and deceptive spirits is a spirit of anger. James and John were portraying such a spirit but didn't realize it. MANY PEOPLE WITH A SPIRIT OF ANGER DO NOT REALIZE IT. Such a spirit is also very contagious. Pro. 22:24-25 explains how fathers or preachers who are blind to their own angry spirits develop followers with the same spirit. Here are 10 STEPS TO FOLLOW TO GET FREEDOM FROM THE SPIRIT OF ANGER. All my life I had a problem with anger. I finally dealt with it when I heard the 'Spirit of Anger' message. Three weeks later my wife pointed out to me that my little boy no longer had a problem with stuttering!" —Father (77 minutes)

How to Help a Man with His Anger
A wife asked, "What can I do to help my husband with his anger?" An older son asked, "What do I do when my father gets angry? How am I supposed to respond?" 1. Understand that there are probably things you don't understand. 2. Deal properly with your own anger. (1) Acknowledge that it is sin. (2) Control your anger God's way. 3. Deflect anger. (1) Answer back gently. (2) Give a gift to the angry person. 4. Do not deliver an angry person from the consequences of his anger. 5. Use emotional word pictures. 6. Seek and pray for the skill of patience. 7. Use spiritual weapons to defeat carnal weapons. (1) We're born knowing how to use carnal weapons. (2) Carnal weapons are deceitful. (3) Spiritual weapons are more powerful!

What Impatience Does
The servant who owed a tremendous debt said to his Lord, "Have patience with me and I will pay thee all." But when forgiven he did not want to express that same patience to a fellow servant. Instead, with anger he cast him into prison. So all of us want God to be patient with us. but we don't want to give that same patience to others. Impatience and anger are like sister sins, with one leading quickly to the other. If you develop patience, you are far more likely to not sin by getting angry. The disciples were typically impatient men who didn't want to be bothered with children. The biggest problem parents have in raising children is not the children. It is the parent's own impatience and anger. Impatience produces anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness. It demonstrates a lack of true love. Impatience cuts you off from the blessings of patience, while increasing the number of your trials. This 3rd message in the "Anger" series also gives 7 steps to develop patience. (63 minutes)

What the Bible Says About Scorn and Mockery
Mockery, like anger, is a powerful emotional force. Also like anger, it is a negative force. In the Bible it was almost always used by a proud person who was trying to stop or hinder the work of God or the truth of God. Mockery of truth was an attempt to get people to lay aside their minds and follow their emotions. Jesus faced much mockery while here on earth. Before His crucifixion, "Herod with his men of war . . .mocked Him." The crown of thorns and gorgeous robe were mockery of Jesus being a king. Before Jesus raised a girl from the dead, "they laughed Him to scorn." But Jesus "put them all out"! God's punishment for their wrongful use of scorn was to let them miss the greatest opportunity of their lives! God also "scorneth the scorners." It is questionable whether Christians should ever use mockery. Psalm 1:1 says, "Blessed is the man that . . .sitteth not in the seat of the scornful." (66 minutes)

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