Music Maker Lap Harp

Music Maker Lap Harp
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The Music Maker Lap Harp lets everyone, regardless of musical experience, play beautiful music by simply sliding a song sheet under the strings and plucking the string above each printed note. In minutes anyone will sound like they have taken music lessons for years... It's that easy! The Music Maker Harp is truly one of the world's easiest and fun musical instruments to play.

More than a toy, this instrument can be a stepping stone in developing a love for music. Graduate beyond the song cards and create your own music! The ease of play, combined with its renowned quality construction, is what makes the Music Maker a favourite instrument. Made of quality hardwood, the lap harp has exceptional tonal qualities. It is an instrument that everyone not only will have fun playing but will be proud to own and display. The Music Maker is:
1. World’s easiest instrument to play!
2. Made of real wood
3. Comes with 12 song sheets with words
4. Comes with a pick 5. Comes with a tuning wrench and tuning card
6. Many different song packets are available.

Songs Included are:

• Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
• Rock a Bye Baby
• Minuet (Bach)
• Brahm's Lullaby
• Baa, Baa Black Sheep
• Daisy
• Clementine
• Yankee Doodle
• Row, Row, Row Your Boat
• The Eensie, Weensie Spider
• My Country T'is of Thee
• Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

The Music Maker Lap Harp comes with a tuning wrench and card, pick, extra string, and twelve songs and comes pre-tuned.

Heavy-duty String Posts! The Music Maker Lap Harp is designed with extra strong string posts. They will not bend under string pressure making it easier to tune and stay in tune.

Variety of Songs to Play! We have produced many song packets for you to purchase that will add to the enjoyment of owning a Melody Harp. Music is printed on durable, extra-heavy cover stock.

Music and Words Together! What's more fun than just strumin' strings? Singing along with the music! So we print the words right on each music and words together...nothing to lose!

Simple Connect-the-Dot Music! It's so easy to play, you don't have to read music. Our special "dot system" is easy for any age to understand. Simply Connect the dots with your pick!

The Melody Harp music sheets are compatible with the Music Maker. You simply need to re-tune the two F strings.

Product Options

13"x8"x2" trapezoid shaped instrument

Ages 4 - adult

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