First Steps to Building Thinking Skills

First Steps to Building Thinking Skills
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Develop analysis skills necessary for academic learning!

This program prepares your child for academic learning by developing essential organized analysis skills. These fun, engaging, hands-on activities focus on perceptual skills necessary for success in reading, writing, and mathematics.

This boxed set contains:

  • activity book with easy-to-follow, detailed instructions
  • geoboard and rubber bands
  • shape playing cards
  • geometric shape cards.

The reproducible, full-colour book can be photo-copied, or can be used over and over with many children if you do not have the child colour in it, but rather they can explain their answer and trace with their finger the lines or shapes to be coloured.

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Table of Contents and Skills:
Part 1: Spatial Awareness (using a variety of included manipulatives)
• Attributes: Identify similarity/difference in shape, size, color
• Paths: Trace paths to develop visual-motor skills, tracking, spatial awareness
• Connections: Children connect objects without the help of a path to develop eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness, and other visual perceptual skills.
• Shapes: Match shapes, form patterns, follow sequences, and organize information
• Geoboards: Copy patterns on geoboards and paper
• Letter Families: Form letters, visual discrimination, eye-hand coordination

Part 2: Phonemic Awareness (Auditory/Pre-Reading Skills)
• Syllable Sounds: Auditory discrimination, syllabication skills
• Syllable Deletion: Auditory sequence, syllabication skills, auditory discrimination
• Beginning Word Sounds I: Identify initial letter sounds, auditory discrimination/sequence/syllabication
• Beginning Word Sounds II: Identify individual phonemes, auditory discrimination/sequence/syllabication

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Critical Thinking Press

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173 activities

Ages 3-4

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