Thornton Burgess Set #2

Thornton Burgess Set #2
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This Set includes:

• Paddy the Beaver
Paddy's kindness wins over scolding Sammy Jay, and they work to outsmart Old Man Coyote.

• Peter Cottontail
Unhappy with his name and his house, Peter learns to appreciate himself and his world.

• Poor Mrs. Quack
Driven from her home by hunters, Mrs. Quack finds refuge in the Forest.

• Prickly Porky
A strange-looking animal makes new friends among the forest folk and meadow people.

• Reddy Fox
Despite his grandmother's efforts to teach him to behave, Reddy Fox always seems to get into trouble.

• Blacky the Crow
Blacky considers stealing eggs from Hooty the owl, helps protect Dusty the wood duck, and more.

• Buster Bear’s Twins
A pair of bear cubs share a series of adventures with the other inhabitants of the Green Forest.

• Lightfoot the Deer
Lightfoot encounters animal friends Peter Rabbit, Sammy Jay, Paddy the Beaver and others.

• Mrs. Peter Rabbit
When Peter convinces Miss Fuzzy Tail to marry him and he finds true happiness and learns responsibility.

• Happy Jack
Happy Jack Squirrel finds himself trying every trick he knows to get away from nasty Shadow the Weasel.

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Thornton Burgess


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PreK to Gr. 7

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