A Peep Behind the Scenes

A Peep Behind the Scenes
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The story of a young child brought up in a travelling community. This appealing Victorian style story is a tear jerking/feel good work of fiction. Despite immense problems and difficulties there is a happy ending and the young girl comes to know the Lord Jesus, escapes from the bad times that dog her at every turn, and eventually returns to the family she didn't know she had. The pages of this book are steeped in the gospel.

When children run past the little caravan with it's brightly painted doors they sigh with envy. They would love to live in a caravan and spend all their time at the fairground. But they don't know what it's like behind the scenes. Rosalie who lives in the caravan knows that her life is not pretty or exciting. Life is very hard for Rosalie with a sick mother and a selfish father, she has to work late as part of the acting company.

One day Rosalie and her mother meet a stranger who tells them there is more to life and gives them a picture of a shepherd holding a lamb. He tells them of the great love of Jesus who longs to look after Rosalie just as a shepherd looks after his lambs. Find out what the future holds for Rosalie.

Will she trust in God?

Will she find a real home?

Find out for yourself as O. F. Walton gives you A Peep Behind the Scenes.

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O. F. Walton

Christian Focus

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Ages 8 to 12

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