Uncle Rick Tells Bible Stories - Volume 2 - CDs

Uncle Rick Tells Bible Stories - Volume 2 - CDs
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Uncle Rick draws character lessons from these wonderful old stories in Scripture. Volume Two covers the time period from The Tower of Babel to Isaac. He does not simply tell the story but gives clarifying comments and explanations to help your child internalize the Scriptural lessons. If your child doesn't like naptime, let Uncle Rick read him to sleep!

Approximately two hours long on 2 CDs.

Uncle Rick is Rick Boyer of The Learning Parent and home schooling father of fourteen children. The Uncle Rick cassettes are presented in the same way he presented the Scriptures to his own children. If your children are used to having someone read to them they would enjoy these audios. If they have been raised on a high-tech diet of television and fast action they may not enjoy them as much but would still benefit from the wealth of Biblical truths presented. They are excellent audios to have playing in the background as your children play or work.

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The Learning Parent

Scripture Version Used:
King James Version (KJV)

Ages 2 to 12

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