Life of Fred Pre-Algebra Kit

Life of Fred Pre-Algebra Kit
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This product is a collection of the following products:

1 x Life of Fred: Fractions
1 x Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents
1 x Life of Fred: PreAlgebra 0 with Physics
1 x Life of Fred: Pre Algebra 1 with Biology
1 x Life of Fred: Pre Algebra 2 with Economics

This set can be started with any child who can add and subtract well and knows how to do long multiplication and division. This set would be considered a middle school math program, for students in 4th through 9th grades. When they are finished these books, they are ready to begin the High School Set. Many high school aged students would benefit by going quickly through these books to lay foundations that they might have missed.

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Dr. Stanley Schmidt

Polkadot Publishing

Type of Binding:
Hard cover

5th Grade and up

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