Painless Reading Comprehension

Painless Reading Comprehension
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Really. This isn't going to hurt at all...

If you think reading comprehension tests and assignments are tricky and confusing, take heart! They're really quite easy--and even fun--once you open this book and learn the following things about yourself and your learning habits:
• What kind of reader are you?
• What can you do to "warm up" your brain before starting to read?
• What can you do if you don't understand what you're reading?
• How can you keep what you read in your head?

All students can profit from this book, but you'll find it especially helpful if you think of yourself as a reluctant reader. Reading comprehension is a skill you'll need to develop for academic and personal success, especially as you advance to college and beyond. This book will teach you to read with ease, and to comprehend what you are reading--painlessly. Most important, you'll discover how to transform a once-painful task into a pleasurable experience.

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Darolyn E. Jones


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Middle School and High School Students

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