1st Grade Book 1 - Learning Numbers with Spunky

1st Grade Book 1 - Learning Numbers with Spunky
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Learning Numbers With Spunky has been written especially for the one-room school. As such, it is excellent for a family homeschooling with multiple children or for those who need their children to work very independently. This series of books is similar in design to the Pathway Books and Climbing to Good English. It is a very straight-forward, practical approach with lots of real-life applications. Most lessons have three pages, A, B, and C. The lesson numbers appear in the barn symbol on the upper left-hand corner of each page; thus: 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, etc. If a new skill is introduced it will nearly always appear on A. Very rarely it will appear on B, but never on C (which is extra drill). There are 170 lessons divided between the two books for Grade 1. Skills Taught in Book 1
• Recognition, writing, and value of single digits
• Recognition of teens
• Number Sequence: AFTER
• Number Sequence: BETWEEN
• Recognition of decades: 10, 20, 30, etc.
• Number Sequence: BEFORE
• Number Value: MORE
• Number Value: LESS
• Addition Family 1
• Counting by 10's
• Addition Family 2
• Number Value: 2 digits
• Pennies
• Addition Family 3
• Addition with labels (pictures)
• Addition Family 4
• Additive Subtraction (missing numbers)
• Time drills
• Reading numbers in the hundreds
• Addition Family 5
• Counting by 5's
• Nickels
• Addition with labels (words)
• Subtraction Family 1
• Subtraction Family 2
• Subtraction Family 3
• Dimes
• Subtraction Family 4
• Story Problems (+ in all)
• Telling time on the hour
• Story problems (- left)
• Subtraction Family 5
• Place value (ones, tens)
• Place value (hundreds)
• Telling Time on the half hour

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