Mystery of History Volume 2 - The Early Church and Middle Ages

Mystery of History Volume 2 - The Early Church and Middle Ages
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The Mystery of History Volume II (AD 30 - 1456) picks up where the story of Volume I leaves off - at the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is not an easy history to digest. It was amid trials, persecution, and martyrdom that the magnificent story of Jesus Christ spread.

Study the fall of Rome, the Dark Ages, the chivalry of knights and damsels, kings and queens, and the peasants who faithfully served them, Vikings and villains; castles and crusades; and the poetry of Dante and Chaucer.

Examine the life of Mohammed and the spread of Islam along with the rise and fall of dynasties in Japan and China. Look at the Coptic (Egyptian) Church and Great Zimbabwe in Africa. Unveil the rituals of the Aztecs and the gold of the Incas in Peru, and visit the early peoples of New Zealand and Greenland.

Learn how God spoke through missionaries like Columba, St. Patrick, and Cyril. See the struggles within the church through the ages. Vol. 2 ends with the tragic death of Joan of Arc, the fall of Constantinople, and the invention of the printing press which spreads the Word of God across Europe.

Book includes pre-tests, quizzes, exercises, worksheets, test, maps, projects and more.

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