How to Use This Site

A Guided Tour

A tour of the Blue Frames across the top of our site and down the left side.

TOP bar IMPORTANT clickable links
Basket: This link will take you to a page that will show you everything you have placed in your shopping cart.

Place Orders: Click on this button when you are finished shopping and want to place the order. The resulting screen will guide you through the process of placing the order.

Help: Have a question? Look here for our frequently asked questions.

My Account: Log in to your account to access your wish lists, update your address, and more.

To return to the front page of the store at any time, click on the picture of the wheel with the cross in the top left corner.

LEFT SIDE bar - these are fairly self-explanatory.
Search Our Site: Know what you are looking for? Our search function will help you find it quickly. You can search by title, item number, key word, or topic. Advanced Search lets you search by price range and sort your results.

Select Currency: Click here to choose between Canadian or American pricing.

Join Our Info List: Enter your email address here to sign up for our newletter/sale bulletin email list. We will never sell or give your address to anyone and we will not flood you with emails. Product Categories: Each button takes you to a mini table of contents for the products or product groupings as indicated by the name.

-Eg. - "Books for Infants to Adults" will be divided into numerous sub-categories pinpointing specific areas such as books for children, adults, youths, parenting, novels, etc.
- Clicking on a sub-category takes you to complete write-ups about products.
- Eg. - "Math" will come up with a screen showing that there are different sections to that category. Click on the title of each category to get greater detail beyond the brief description given on that introductory page.

Store Help: Use the links in this section to find specific help, to download a copy of our catalogue, and to contact us.

Suggestions for: Clicking on each of the buttons gives you an overview of products and information pertinent to the area of interest as indicated by the name beside the star (ie. Home Education, Church Resources, Help!)

    -Home Education Conferences/Events: Information about Home Schooling Conferences and Events across Canada
    -Other Links: links to other companies and sites providing valuable information and resources

RIGHT SIDE bar - these are fairly self-explanatory.


  1. Read the instructions on the pages as they come up. We have tried to make the entire site easily navigable.

  2. If you click on something and the "blue outer bars" suddenly disappear, along with the "previous page" button - DON'T PANIC!
    Windows based Computers: when you are finished reading the screen, click on the close out box with the "X", usually in the top right corner of your screen. It will close out that screen and you will be back to where you were!
    Macintosh users: click the square box on the top left corner of the window to close the screen

  3. If you want to leave a screen open for quick reference, but want to go back to where you were, look along the bottom bar on your computer screen (Windows Based Computers) and there will probably be a button that shows the JOY Center site. Click on it to get back to where you were. MacIntosh/Apple users can use the "Go" drop-down menu at the top of your screen to switch pages.

  4. Anything that is UNDERLINED or changes colour when your mouse moves over it is clickable. Windows-based users click the Left mouse button. Macintosh users usually only have one mouse button so click it. It will take you to a more detailed description or another screen.

  5. To go back to a previous page you can use the "back" button on your computer's regular tool bar. The "forward" button (beside your "back" button) can be used to go back and forth to where you want to go.

  6. In the Center section of your screen, just under the top blue bars, you will see a line of text that starts with the word "Home." On this page it says:     Home - How to Use This Site. This is a bread-crumbs trail. Every page of our store will have this trail on it. You can click on any portion of the trail to jump back to that page. For example, on the trail Home - Books for Infants to Adults - Animal-Based Books - Living Forest Series - How's Inky you could click on "Books for Infants to Adults" to jump back to the main book index list. Clicking on "Animal-Based Books" would take you to the listing of Animal Book sections. If you were wanting to look at another title in the "Living Forest Series" you would click on "Living Forest." The last item on the trail, "How's Inky," is the page you are currently on.

  7. If you can't remember where you have been, or where you are going!!
    you can always start over in a section by clicking on the major category you want on the left blue bar.

If you are reading one of the many articles on our website, click on a link, and nothing seems to happen, the page you requested loaded into a window underneath the currently active window. To change windows you can either close out the current window by clicking the "X" in the top right corner of the screen (square box on the top left corner of a Macintosh screen) or look along the bottom bar on your computer screen (Windows Based Computers) (in the Go drop-down menu on Macintosh computers) and there will probably be another button that shows the JOY Center site. Click on it to see the page you requested. If you are using a browser with Tabbed Browsing, it may open in a new tab.