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Biblical Principles that Relate to Getting to the Marriage Altar (3 of 10)
Our Price: $6.97CAD
This message so strongly supports the message "God's Plan for Finding a Mate" that some have referred to it as a "how to" video. Using much Scripture,...
Place Value Mat
Our Price: $5.17CAD
While Supplies Last - We have discontinued this item This laminated mat helps children organize when working with Base 10 materials.

Verses & Hymns for the Weak & Weary Journal
Our Price: $5.47CAD
The Verses and Hymns for the Weak and Weary Journal is designed to provide consolation and encouragement to individuals who are grieving, sick, or tro...

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Cube-A-Link Cubes
Our Price: $9.97CAD
100 - 2cm plastic linking cubes - 10 each of 10 colours, linkable on all six sides. These are indispensable for teaching a wide range of math concepts...
Lap Harp Replacement Wire
Our Price: $0.97CAD
This is for those who don't want to worry about sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to get a replacement for a broken string. This replacement ...

Climbing to Good English Workbook 1
Our Price: $6.67CAD
• One page is provided for each day of school • Instructions are right on the pupil's page • No special teacher's edition Climb...
Climbing to Good English Workbook 3
Our Price: $6.67CAD
Climbing to Good English 3 first reviews all of the language skills, grammar, and phonics taught in Climbing to Good English 2. Old concepts are repea...

Climbing to Good English Workbook 2
Our Price: $6.67CAD
• Climbing to Good English Level 2 combines phonics with language skills and grammar. • The first 29 pages are review of grade one. From ...
New Friends Workbook
Our Price: $3.27CAD
• designed to train the children to work independently with a minimum of teacher assistance • at least three workbook pages per story ...

Professor B Mathematics Power Learning - Level 1 Workbook
Our Price: $18.97CAD
The workbook offers many unique practice exercises that make it possible for children to achieve the mastery which represents readiness for the next l...
Days Go By Workbook
Our Price: $3.27CAD

Climbing to Good English Workbook 5
Our Price: $8.47CAD
Climbing to Good English Levels 5 and 6 are designed to run parallel in a mixed grade situation if needed with three English classes per week. Use the...