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Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents
Our Price: $23.97CAD
Life of Fred: Decimals & Percents (Pre-Algebra Part 2 and More) This book covers the second half of pre-algebra (after Life of Fred: Fractio...
How to Keep Children from Getting Bitter
Our Price: $6.97CAD
The 1st mention of bitterness in the Bible was in a son - Esau - the child of Isaac and Rebekah. When he felt he had been done wrong, Esau cried out w...

Life of Fred Intermediate Kit
Our Price: $56.97CAD
Kit Includes: Kidneys, Liver, and Mineshaft

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Cube-A-Link Cubes
Our Price: $9.97CAD
100 - 2cm plastic linking cubes - 10 each of 10 colours, linkable on all six sides. These are indispensable for teaching a wide range of math concepts...
Lap Harp Replacement Wire
Our Price: $0.97CAD
This is for those who don't want to worry about sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to get a replacement for a broken string. This replacement ...

Climbing to Good English Workbook 1
Our Price: $6.67CAD
• One page is provided for each day of school • Instructions are right on the pupil's page • No special teacher's edition Climb...
Climbing to Good English Workbook 3
Our Price: $6.67CAD
Climbing to Good English 3 first reviews all of the language skills, grammar, and phonics taught in Climbing to Good English 2. Old concepts are repea...

Climbing to Good English Workbook 2
Our Price: $6.67CAD
• Climbing to Good English Level 2 combines phonics with language skills and grammar. • The first 29 pages are review of grade one. From ...
New Friends Workbook
Our Price: $3.27CAD
• designed to train the children to work independently with a minimum of teacher assistance • at least three workbook pages per story ...

Professor B Mathematics Power Learning - Level 1 Workbook
Our Price: $18.97CAD
The workbook offers many unique practice exercises that make it possible for children to achieve the mastery which represents readiness for the next l...

Climbing to Good English Workbook 5
Our Price: $8.47CAD
Climbing to Good English Levels 5 and 6 are designed to run parallel in a mixed grade situation if needed with three English classes per week. Use the...
Days Go By Workbook
Our Price: $3.27CAD